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Co-create With Us

Looking to offer meat-free products as a food manufacturer or food service provider? We can help!

Welcome to the Green Protein Food Hub

From ideation to commercialisation, let’s create the future of food together!

Within our Food Hub, you get access to shared infrastructure that enables you to co-produce, testbed and commercialise meat-free concepts that will expand your market reach and elevate your brand.

We work with startups and established brands alike, and our industry experts will guide through the entire process, offering insights and input that make all the difference. We also understand the specific needs and tastes of Asian consumers and have experience in developing meat-free products that hit their ideal flavour spot!

Concept Development

You’ve got a vision for your business, and we’ve got the ingredients! The first step is to experiment with different meat-free and green protein ingredients, textures and tastes.

Commercial delivery


The taste test is all important! With our in-house facilities, you can produce on a small-batch scale and within your budget.

Marketing & Distribution

You’ve developed the product, and now it is time to let the public know! With our product-launching and distribution capabilities, we’ll help you get the word out and build your reputation as a meat-free champion!

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Let's make something together!