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Mala Stir-Fry Pot

Mala Stir-Fry Pot

Mala Stir-Fry Pot
Spice up your week with this irresistible Mala Stir-Fry Pot, featuring Quorn pieces! 🔥 Our Pieces bring the perfect texture and taste to this Sichuan-inspired dish, packing it with meat-free, wholesome goodness. Whether you're a seasoned Mala lover or a first-timer, this dish is bound to take your taste buds on a ride 🚀🌶️ Go on, give it a go! 🥢

Quorn Pieces
• Mala Spices
• Dried chili
• Salted peanuts
• Brinjals
• Bittergourd
• Lotus root
• Tofu
• Mushrooms
• Chinese celery
• Coriander

1. Prepare vegetables and set aside.
2. In a pan, add oil and Quorn Pieces.
3. Once golden brown, set aside.
5. Next, fry vegetables till fragrant.
6. Add pre fried Quorn Pieces.
7. Add in spices and fry till all is mixed well.
8. Once done, garnish with herbs and serve.
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