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Rojak Salad

Rojak Salad

Rojak Salad

Plant-based but tastes better than hawker one? Sure or not... 🧐

&SO Fantastic Seafood Patties
• You Tiao
• Sesame Seeds
• Cucumber
• Ginger Flower
• Pineapple
• Mango
• Rojak Sauce
• Lime
• Turnip
• Peanuts

1. Defrost &SO Fantastic Seafood Patties.
2. Stuff defrosted seafood patties in You Tiaos.
3. Dust with sesame seeds.
4. Deep fry and set aside.
5. In a big bowl, add rojak sauce and lime.
6. Then add chopped fruits and give it a good mix.
7. Serve with a generous splash of peanuts.

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