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Pan-Fried Stuffed Baos

Pan-Fried Stuffed Baos

Pan-Fried Stuffed Baos

Make truffle flavoured pan-fried baos with us! 🤤 Bursting with juicy goodness and incredible flavour, these baos are nestled in a soft yet crispy wrapper — it’s a snack that satisfies on every level.

&SO Meatless Truffle Luncheon
• Dried Chinese Mushrooms
• Turnip
• Flour
• Baking Powder
• Corn Starch
• Water
• Instant Yeast
• Salt

For the sauce (optional):
• Garlic
• Spring Onion
• Chilli Oil
• Vinegar
• Soy Sauce
• Sesame Oil

1. Defrost &SO Meatless Truffle Luncheon.
2. Mix with mushrooms, chopped turnip and spring onions.
3. Portion dough and flatten.
4. Fill in “luncheon” mix.
5. Seal dough and shape into a bun.
6. Place in a non-stick pan on medium heat.
7. Add water, cover, and bring it down to low heat.
8. Then pan fry till golden brown.

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